About 'The Salute'

The Salute

It is very well said that ‘the only disability in life is bad attitude’. Attitude is that little thing which makes a big difference in one’s life. For a person who is disabled, maintaining motivation can sometimes be difficult. After all, it is the positivity of thoughts and attitude which helps them in striving for the best.

For them, strength doesn’t come from physical capacity, it comes from indomitable will. This is the will to succeed, to push the limits and to stay determined. Such people have exemplary zeal, passion and determination to become role models for all of us.

They have battled their natural or accidental inabilities and challenges to prove the world that nothing is impossible. They are heroes, inspiration and definitely deserve a Salute for their winning spirit.

‘The Salute’ Awards is therefore a gesture to honour these heroes who have been successful in their respective fields and are an inspiration for all of us. The awards will be one of its kind initiatives in India as our aim is not only to felicitate the achievers and provide monetary support to the specially-abled who want to fulfill their dreams but to reach out to the masses to support the cause. ‘The Salute’ is not only an award ceremony but a movement which will build a community of its own. A community, which believes in the cause of recognizing the efforts of the specially-abled who are often left unheard and ignored.

On December 3, 2014, World Disability Day, the first edition of 'The Salute' Awards was unfolded. These awards were given under five parent categories which are: Entertainment & Arts, Education, Sports, Business & Entrepreneurship and Social Work. There was also a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD which was presented to a role model for his contribution to the disability sector. The awards saw participation from differently-abled artists, social activists, teachers from the field of disability and media.

After a successful debut, we are now geared up for the second edition of the awards. The Salute Awards 2015 will be ‘hosted on 21st November 2015’ and will have a National TV Broadcast on ‘World Disability Day’, December 3rd, 2015.

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